Why Logudoro
Logudoro is a small universe on a landscape level. It has three lakes all enjoyables and exploitables, a large plain that extends from Ozieri to Bonorva, hills cultivated with wine in the municipalities of Ozieri Oschiri and Berchidda, mountains in the territories of Pattada Bono Bultei and Anela
Each inhabited center is similar and different from the other. In some cases, agricultural production prevails in others, the artisanal production of others and the one linked to food. In a few kilometers it is possible to have rewarding and totally different experiences.



When to go

The Logudoro can be visited all year round, but the most suggestive months are those of April - May when the nature is in bloom and the landscape is full of colors and September-October when the season turns to the harvest. In these months the temperature is mild and the visitor suffers neither from the cold nor from the intense heat.

How to move

All countries can be reached by public transport. However, the vehicle itself is much more comfortable. The roads that connect the various centers are goods and easily passable.


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